Pain of my courage, has left to soon
The war has changed me, and my Greys to Blues
My rags of linen, ravaged by my wounds
This land will never heaL from my brothers cold boold running through
And i'll come back, Please come back, Back to you

         Straglers ran through,they burned our lands
       Stolen my soul as wire impaled my hands
       White crows sored high when dreamt of you
       in the Kentucky Ivy Mountains I will see you soon
       Please come Back, I'm coming BacK, Back to you

i feel impaled to write once more
a few more lines of love for you my dear before the dawn
tied with the ribbons with your lock of hair
may my last words cross your sore eyes before I'm dead
i'll soon be back, Please come back, Back to you

            The summer breeze crossed my cheeks 
            it's warm breath as you speak
            the world can't stand, it's not God's way
            And I can't think your dead, your only gone away
            Please come back, I'm coming back, Back to you

You see me walking,  Your coming home Down Ivy hilL,  Into my arms
Confused by the yearS,  It's been to long of dreams thats been,  ARE YOU THE SAME?
Thunder rings through mE,  Into your heart, just like  a knife,  Burning white
white crows flying high as our dreams flash before our eyes

Please come back, I'm coming back, Back to you
i'm coming back, please come back, Back to you

 ​Back to You
by Whitney Acke & Ray Adams